Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Astroland: The Show (MICA Commencement Exhibition 2010)

The Ultimate Final All-Nighter Insanity Showdown before graduation.

Thanks to everyone who ducked in and tripped out in the cosmos room for those five chaotic days. Hope this gives you an idea if you missed it. There were seven blacklights, one strobe light, 3D glasses, Astroturf, a gold velveteen loveseat, and stars on the walls.

So until next time!


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  2. hahahah i wish i could of been at graduation to see that. that is awesome.
    also the final piece you finsihed turned out badass. good work.

  3. Thanks man! I was still scrambling to finish that AS Artwalk was starting and I eventually had to hang it unfinished. But I'm glad it didn't bother anybody.